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Shipping containers have changed the way people view the world. They are an innovative building choice that can be used in many different ways. The retail marketplace has embraced shipping containers as a way to open up a store quickly and efficiently.

Historically, shipping containers were only used to transport goods from one location to another. They were often only seen on the back of trucks or on a ship going to someplace exotic. Today, shipping containers have a new lease on life.

Endless Possibilities

There are many shipping container uses for those people bold enough to look outside the box. People with the help of Saf-T-Box are making them into:

Storage units
Retail stores

They can be transformed into nearly anything the mind can conjure up.

Shipping Containers for the Retail Industry

Retail stores around the country are seeing the possibilities of shipping container uses. Everything from independent stores to entire shopping malls are utilizing this relatively untapped resource.

Shipping Container Benefits for Retail

The main attraction for retailers is how fast units can come together to form a store. They can be stacked on top of each other when more space is needed or connected end to end and side by side. This allows business owners to develop a modern and trendy aesthetic look to their shopping area. Many companies use containers to hold their extra stock and supplies. Saf-T-Box is happy to modify a shipping container per the customer’s needs and specifications.

Shipping Containers are Affordable Solutions

Saf-T-Box offers affordable shipping containers for rent and purchase across the state of Texas. Our shipping container rentals are the most affordable option and include units that are perfect for everyday storage, professional office space and retail shopping space. Interested in what shipping containers can do for you? Receive a free on-line quote by simply filling out our quick and easy quote form.

Why Choose Saf-T-Box?

Texas residents have been turning to Saf-T-Box for over 20 years for their container needs. We have units on hand that are ready to go or a wide selection of containers that can be customized. The Saf-T-Box staff is trained to help people uncover which solution is best for your needs.

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