Shipping Containers Meet America’s Agricultural Needs

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Whenever you picture America what comes to mind? Is it the star spangled banner, the open road, Mt. Rushmore, or the sky-streaking Blue Angels? Perhaps it’s all of these or something else. Remember the song “Oh Beautiful”? You’re probably humming it now. In the song it says, “…for amber waves of grain” – an obvious reference to the breadbasket of America. The United States is an agricultural superpower and a major exporter of food across around the world.

In 2014, the total number on acres planted in the United States was an astonishing 326,786. The total yielded harvest from acres planted was an equally impressive 309,047. Imagine how many tons of grain, corn, rice, beans that is – millions! So what happens to all of the harvested product as it makes its way from the farm to the market? Obviously, the most important step early on is proper storage to prevent spoilage and ultimately the loss of profits. Grain silos are often the de facto choice when it comes to storing grain; however, the problem with this proven, if traditional way of storing grain is that many farms do not have their own silos onsite. This means that part of their cost of being in business is transporting harvested crops to a remote location that specializes in housing crops intended for distribution. On top of that, it costs to keep crops there.

Luckily there is better solution for farmer’s looking to become less independent on external entities and to gain more oversight and control over the quality of their product. That solution is shipping containers modified to store, protect, and keep crops as fresh as possible before they’re sold into market. The great thing about these modified shipping containers is that they offer so much more versatility than regular storage options.

Modified shipping containers for agricultural use can be used for crop preservation and protection, but additionally the container can double as equipment storage during periods of crop rotation or during winter. The benefits don’t stop there. The best thing about shipping containers is that they are mobile. Move them wherever you’d like for whatever reason you have in mind. Imagine being able to become more self-reliant and experience the freedom of mobility and control. On top of it all, you’ll cut down on your expenses over time. Who would say no to that?

If you are interested in finding out more about how modified shipping containers are changing the face of agriculture in America and how you can experience the benefits yourself, contact Saf-t-Box today.


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