Shipping Containers: Retail’s New Necessity

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Shipping Containers: Retail’s New Necessity

We all know a shipping container’s original functionality is to provide easy storage but they are versatile and can be used in many different ways. People are using shipping containers to create office spaces, COVID-19 testing areas, and even homes.  

The retail industry is no exception. With it’s ever-evolving and fast-pace environment, a common issue retailers run into is not having enough storage space. Typical examples of items needing to be stored include:

  • Clothing
  • Fixtures
  • Dock equipment
  • Inventory prep items

Most stores are large and contain many areas that hold back stock. However, they still run into a lack of space due to an overflow of merchandise. During peak times of the year, they may get an influx of merchandise that needs to be stored with nowhere to keep it.

Big-box retailers are slowly adopting shipping containers as a solution for keeping up with customer demand and better managing inventory needs. These containers also keep retailers’ floors looking neat, orderly, and not overpacked with merchandise, which leads to overall better customer experience. 

Why choose shipping containers as the storage solution for your excess inventory? Shipping containers offer so many benefits that make them stand out from the competition. Saf-T-Box is the only shipping container company that can provide you with a premium storage option coupled with outstanding customer service.

Benefits of Shipping Containers for Retailers:

Organization of Inventory

To fill the sales floor or to send products for online orders, inventory needs to be found quickly. By using a shipping container, merchandise can be organized efficiently, eliminating time searching for products, especially if it’s placed outside the store. Shipping containers vary in sizes so you can choose the best solution for you.

Cost Savings

Retailers are always looking for the most cost-efficient way to run their business. Saf-T-Box offers rental and refurbished options to help those who need containers for a short period or are on a budget. Storage containers can even be shared between locations, a great benefit if wanting to make shipping containers your permanent storage solution.

Flexibility to Fit your Needs

Check out these considerable modifications Saf-T-Box offers that can be added to your shipping container:

  • Custom Paint
  • Roll-up doors 
  • Personnel doors 
  • Lock Hasps
  • Shelving
  • Ventilation 
  • Air-conditioning
  • Electricity and lighting 
  • Partitions

High-grade Security 

Shrinkage is a priority to any business but especially in retail. That’s why all Saf-T-Box shipping containers are made of durable steel manufactured in the USA. The most secure feature is the high-security door with cam locking on one or two ends. 

Call Saf-T-Box Today!

If you’re a major retailer or a small boutique, Saf-T-Box is ready to assist you in all your storage needs. Saf-T-Box has been in the container manufacturing, modification, rental, and sales business for over 20 years. Request a quote today!

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