Shipping Containers: Strengthening America’s Military

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America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Every day we as citizens wake up to a reality and lifestyle that is far different from many around the world. It is only through the dedication and courage of our brave men and women in uniform that we are able to enjoy our country here as we know it.

What makes our military so great isn’t just the weapons or training our servicemen receive – it’s the ideas and strategies behind them. Logistics is a huge part of any military operation and being able respond to situations at home and abroad effectively is key. Here is how shipping containers are helping our military’s efforts.

Mobile Medical Facilities

On the battlefield – every second counts. These high-strength, portable solutions are being transformed into mobile medical facilities that will be the first responders in areas that need help fast.
They can be customized to fit nearly any wartime scenario and disaster situation – from war, famine, flood, earthquakes, infectious disease, and much more. Their mobility means that they can be airlifted and dropped – self-contained and ready to go with a medical team included.
From power sources, facilities, medical equipment, internet access and more – these mobile medical facilities can effectively act as part of a network or autonomously if required.

Equipment and Supply Storage

The efforts of our military go beyond our borders and encompass the whole globe. With hundreds of military bases and thousands of men and women serving abroad there comes an untold amount of equipment and supplies.

The best military personnel deserve the best equipment. That equipment deserves to be taken care of as best it can, especially when it is to be relied upon in harsh environments. Shipping containers offer an economical, strong storage solution to protect world class vehicles and equipment.

Economical Training Facilities

There is a big push right now for shipping container modification as it relates to homebuilding. The reason for this is that they are easily obtainable, modified, and a strong building material.

Military training areas, particularly those focused on preparing soldiers for urban combat can make great use of mobile containers to create life-like arenas for drills.

Find Your Storage Solution with Saf-T-Box

At Saf-T-Box we pride ourselves in coming up with not just storage solutions, but logistical and design solutions as well. Contact us today to share your idea and how we can make it come to life.

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