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The school year is almost over. Finals are wrapping up and kids are packing up their lockers, but there’s still a lot going on behind the scenes. Wrapping up the school year or getting ready for the next semester is a great time to start thinking about and planning affordable storage alternatives for your academic institution.

From K-12 schools to college campuses, shipping containers are a cost-effective and portable solution for academic buildings and storage. Our portable storage solutions are secure and durable—all buildings are weatherproof.  Haven’t considered a shipping container for your educational needs? Read on for common applications.

Common Education Applications Include:

  • Equipment sheds for athletic gear
  • Stadium/field locker rooms
  • Record/file storage
  • Bulk item storage
  • Storage for unused furniture, books, and other supplies
  • Portable buildings for classroom overflow
  • On-site office space
  • Student or teacher lounges
  • Lab or studio space


Storage On-Demand

Our trained Saf-T-Box professionals will deliver your unit to your location quickly and safely, usually within 48 hours of your call.
Think shipping containers are a good storage or classroom alternative for your school? Contact one of our knowledgeable staff members today.

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