How Storage Containers Can Save Your School Money

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When you think of storage containers, you might think of loud large metal boxes in a warehouse waiting to be lifted by a crane and placed in a huge ocean freight vessel. In truth heavy industrial storage may be their primary use, but did you know they can actually be one of the best storage solutions for schools as well? Storage containers have been engineered well beyond being large freight boxes to actually becoming living spaces complete with all the features you might need in a regular building. Of all the major industries that have used metal storage containers, there are many reasons schools could greatly benefit from them.

Storage Container Costs For Schools

When your school needs just a little more space to house important materials or have just one more room for staff or students to use, a storage container may be the perfect solution. Our storage containers for sale aren’t as pricey as having a contractor come to remodel the school, which would take lengthy meetings by your local school superintendent and city or county leaders, and potentially cost taxpayers a great deal. For schools on a budget, a storage container can be purchased without having to reach deep in the municipal or county budget.

Storage Container Mobility For Schools

Our containers are also great storage solutions for schools because they can be used on demand and removed if they are no longer needed. Perhaps your school is in the midst of a rebuilding project and simply needs a temporary place to hold a classroom or store basic items and will no longer be needed once the renovation is complete. Or perhaps the school is only experiencing temporary overflow that will no longer be an issue once various items are sold or discarded. In such cases our storage containers can be rented for as long as you need them and removed at your convenience.

Storage Container Diversity Of Use

Our metal storage containers can be solutions for a variety your school needs. While on the outside they appear to be regular metal boxes, they can be insulated and designed to keep out extreme cold or hot temperatures, and even designed and painted to blend in with the surrounding building. The space that schools have used storage containers to accommodate include:

  • Library extensions or storage for books
  • Science lab additions or places to use heavy grade equipment
  • Locker room functions or sports gear sheds
  • Administrative or custodial staff offices or break rooms
  • Anywhere unused items or documents will be kept

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Our professionals have worked with clients of all industries and can provide units that meet each individual need. If you’re looking for short-term storage needs, you can consult one of our specialists for rental periods that are agreeable for you. For long-term needs, you might consider buying one of our storage containers for sale. Reach out to one of our knowledgable staff members today.
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