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Storage containers have several uses. For example, the food industry can use containers for extra storage and the medical field can use containers for backup medical supplies. These are just a couple of examples of how different industries can use storage containers and retail is no different. A container can be used as an extension of the stock room, a space to store merchandising equipment or even as an extra office. Let’s look at a few ways Saf-T-Box is here to help you. 


Whether you’re in a big box store or a small mom-and-pop shop, overstock happens from time to time in retail. In those cases, backrooms start to pile and you may find yourself losing a little control over what you have. With a Saf-T-Box storage container, you can have extra room to put overstock items away and organize. With our 20 and 40 foot sized containers, you’ll have the perfect storage amount to fit your overstock needs. 


Mannequins, jewelry towers, shoe racks – oh my! All these extra display items that you need for a one-day sale or on certain occasions have to go somewhere. Sure, you can put them in the back with all the other stuff piling up, or you can store them in a secure spot. A Saf-T-Box storage container comes with a secure door and lock for all your precious investments. They also come with easy load and unloading capabilities, so it’s not a chore to take any of your displays in and out again. 


Whether it’s the upcoming holiday, sales event, or department event, you’ve probably bought plenty of decor. You want your store to look festive for every occasion, but where do you store everything afterward? Storage containers are great for storing all those decorations you use once in a while in a weather-resistant container. If kept properly, your decorations will continue looking great from year to year! 

Storage containers help answer the question of what to do with that overflow of inventory to alleviate any clothing or extra decor in your store. Say goodbye to stuffing your back closet, and say hello to a new solution! Request a free quote from Saf-T-Box today.


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