The Ultimate Storage Container Man-Cave

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In this day and age it seems that more guys are playing Call of Duty than actually going out to the shooting range or racing around in Grand Turismo than working on their latest muscle car restoration project. But that’s not you right? You’re a man’s man that thinks WD40 mixed with sawdust is sweet-smelling incense from the gods. But, every man who wants to spend time working with his hands needs something quite critical to his existence – a man cave.

What’s a Man Cave?

A man cave is sometimes referred to by other names – manspace, male sanctuary, garage, spare bedroom, or basement. Basically it’s anywhere a man and his buddies can go to be alone for a while to bask in the simple comforts of TV, beer, power tools, and projects.

While your wife might have control over the house when it comes to design and decoration, your man-cave should be immune from her womanly touch.

A Storage Container = 320 Sq ft of Paradise

A well done man-cave is more than just a big space – it’s about having a space that’s well thought-out. What are your hobbies? Do you want your cave to be highly functional or simply a glorified cigar-lounge? Either way, a modified storage container is a highly economical way of creating a space that speaks to you and your interests. What will you create – a trophy room, a wood shop, an extra garage, a giant safe, a bar, a poker lounge? The choice is yours!

A shipping container is a fantastic way to make your man-cave a reality. Containers are high-strength steel that resists chemicals, elements, and weather like nearly nothing else. They can be moved around a property easily enough or buried out-of-sight for all you “preppers” out there.

Check out what this guy made with 2 storage containers, a couple thousand dollars and few weekends. Your only limit to what can be made is your imagination!

Want to make your own man-cave? Check out our modification options by clicking on the button below.


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