The Ultimate Storage Solution: Rented Shipping Containers

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Shipping containers are affordable, secure, weatherproof storage solutions perfect for your next project. From construction sites to your own home, renting a shipping container can provide you with a temporary solution to your storage needs.


Shipping containers allow site managers to keep their materials and equipment secure during off-site hours.  


Shipping containers are a secure solution to store your items during moves and renovations.

shipping container storage for retail

Pop Up Shop

Shipping containers can be modified to act as temporary shops or for specialty or seasonal events, like Containment. Shipping containers are easily transportable making set-up and take-down a breeze.


If your business is growing and you are outgrowing your office, you might be looking to relocate. Rather than uprooting your entire office, you can rent our a modified storage container as a temporary extension, while you look for a new location.

Whether you need office or storage space, Saf-T-Box has a solution for you. We can deliver a box directly to your site.  Explore our options and tell us about your project and we’ll tell you how we can make it happen.


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