Tips To Efficiently Manage A Construction Site

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Cost management, quality management, contract administration and safety management are only a few items on the laundry list of responsibilities for a construction manager. As a construction manager, you are at the helm of a highly complex project with a lengthy life cycle and a variety of moving parts. Supervising and coordinating the entirety of the project can pose certain difficulties.

Below are some common problems experienced by construction managers and also listed are the countering Saf-T-Box solutions. These tips and tricks should assist managers in navigating the sometimes-treacherous waters of construction.

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Common Industry Concerns

  • Poor communication with subcontractors
  • Lack of organization
  • Delayed construction time
  • Failure to document project changes / project expectations
  • Budget management

Whether you are in the agricultural, residential, commercial or institutional field, project organization is crucial to success and has a rippling effect amongst all aspects of your project.


Construction Management Tips and Tricks

  • Good organization and planning – These skills are essential to ensuring that your strategy will be both effective, efficient and operate according to schedule
    • Whether in an office space or a dedicated storage area, Saf-T-Box shipping containers provide safe, secure storage for equipment, tools and supplies. All project materials are organized and located in a secure on-site location for easy access.
    • Shipping containers are easily transported and can be custom finished to create the ideal office space for meetings. Electrical, phone and computer outlets will keep you connected while on the jobsite.
  • Utilize subcontractors – Form relationships with reliable subcontractors and maintain a good working rapport. Communicate frequently and efficiently.
  • Know the codes – Maintain all safety and building codes and properly store documentation.
    • Your construction process has to stay within budget, on time and in accordance with variety of state, city and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) codes.
    • Saf-T-Box containers provide the on-site, weatherproof storage for paperwork and other miscellaneous materials.
  • Protect your assets – Keep a close eye on everything.
    • Modified storage containers are steel-framed, wind and watertight. They are built to withstand the corrosive elements of the high seas – conditions that are some of the most intense on the planet. With storage this tough, you can rest easy knowing your assets are secure and safe from hostile weather and from human threats like vandalism, theft and arson.

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Being able to increase productivity, protect investments and stay on schedule and under budget is vital for construction managers. Keep weather, thieves and vandals away – for good. Watch your efficiency increase, your costs decrease and your opportunities expand. Experience how a seemingly small logistical change to your storage needs can have huge ramifications for your jobsites now and in the future.


Have a specific application in mind? Give us a call and we can discuss custom modification options to meet your specific needs.




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