Urban Agriculture inside a Shipping Container

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Thanks to technology, our world is becoming an increasingly smaller place to live. This is a good thing in many respects, as our close proximity to one another means ideas can be readily shared, different cultures experienced, and problems identified and solved at light speed. However, this same technology that is allowing us to be healthier and live longer lives is also contributing to a general overpopulation problem in cities across the country. When there are more people, there needs to be more food to feed them. It may seem like more traditional farming is the way to go, but recently, clever and genius alternatives have begun to surface that will have a huge impact on how city-dwellers get their food. Enter PodPonics.

A Farm in a Shipping Container

There are several companies that are at the forefront of aquaponics growing tech in urban environments. An interesting thing that they have in common is that they utilize modified shipping containers to contain their grow systems (podponics). The reason for this is that shipping containers offer an extremely durable space for minimal cost and best of all, they are mobile. So what’s the advantage of a farm in a box?

Higher Yields

Having a system that’s completely self-contained means that you can grow 365 days a year. This just isn’t possible with traditional farming methods. This means your yield will be vastly larger. In fact, it’s said that the production from one modified container is the same as planting one acre of land!

Saves Resources

Aquaponics gives growers a high level of control over water, PH levels, nutrients, and more. This means that the system uses precisely the amount of resources it requires and minimizes waste. A well designed grow system can reduce water use by up to 90% and fertilizer use up to 80%.

Has a small “footprint”

It’s amazing that all of this can be achieved in a package that’s so compact. A standard 40ft shipping container can fit virtually anywhere on a traditional lot. The ratio of food production to the amount of space it takes up is exponential.

Saf-T-Box provides modified shipping containers that fit your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for harvest overflow storage, workshop space, a secure place to store heavy equipment and tools, or even temporary housing for workers, Saf-T-Box has the perfect container for you.

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