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Used containers are a great way to reduce the cost of a container purchase. Some things to consider when evaluating the asking price:

  • surface rust
  • gaps in metal
  • cracks
  • holes 

Do your due diligence before purchasing a used container. Imperfections are essential to identify beforehand so you know what maintenance it will require. You want to be sure animals, insects, and water cannot enter the container, especially if you want to make the container into a home, as this could cause damage and rust the metal in the long run. 

To aid you in your search for the perfect used container, there are some precautionary measures to take, which many see as a con. The good news is, all used shipping containers are labeled for their quality and condition with a rating system to give you a jump on your search:

A = little superficial rust

B = few scratches

C = medium to heavy levels of corrosion



New containers that are being used for storage have an average lifespan of 25-35 years. With a new shipping container, you don’t have to worry about checking for flaws. A major pro is that they have fresh seals, meaning they are airtight—a must-have for keeping water and rodents out and keeping your product safe. You will also have the ability to make modifications. Modifications like locks, windows, and a variety of doors that can help customize your container depending on your end goal. Here is a full list of available modifications.

The biggest con for purchasing a new shipping container is the cost. It’s an expensive option if you’re not storing essential items. A way to minimize this cost would be to rent a new shipping container versus purchasing one.



Do you take a new container and modify it at a higher price tag? Or do you purchase a used container that is more cost-effective but may need more maintenance in the long run? Whichever you choose, Saf-T-Box has you covered. 

Call Saf-T-Box today at 1-800-SAF-T-BOX.








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