Uses For A Refrigerated Shipping Container

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The transportation and storage of temperature-sensitive cargo such as fruits, meat, produce, dairy, flowers, pharmaceuticals and film can be difficult given that typical bulk refrigeration methods can be costly. Refrigerated shipping containers, otherwise known as reefer shipping containers, however, have the ability to maintain chilled products at a much lower cost. Refrigerated Saf-T-Box cargo containers create the insulated environment for your shipment or storage, even in the most difficult conditions.



These reefer containers are essentially large fridges that were originally used to transport temperature-controlled cargo across the seas. The insulated units were structurally designed to maintain the cargo at the required temperatures for the duration of the transit as well as withstand the harsh environments of the ocean.

Their steel structure and weatherproof coating ensures their durability in every setting in addition to protecting against theft and arson. They were designed for easy transportation via ship, train or flatbed truck.

shipping container reefer container



Saf-T-Box provides climate-controlled containers that are the ideal choice for storing temperature-sensitive items in a variety of industries.


  • Safe, weatherproof and insulated storage for harvest overflow


  • Storage for perishable items like medicine


  • Inventory management
  • Overstock for busy shopping days
  • Large/bulk item storage

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Modifications to any of our 20-foot or 40-foot containers may include butchers door, flat aluminum overlay flooring, internal lighting and more. We can provide custom solutions for nearly any industry specific application.

Whatever your climate controlled storage or transportation needs may be our professional Saf-T-Box team can help you find the perfect solution. If your goods require accurate climate storage, then refrigerated storage is a great cost-effective option. Our containers are for rent and sale, and give you an instant portable solution for a temperature controlled storage facility.

Click below to learn more about the different size options and see how we can best serve your needs.




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