What Can You Do with Your Shipping Container?

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Whether you’re looking to rent or to buy, there are a wide variety of options for your new shipping container. And we can help! Here are five great uses that you never thought about.


5) Garden

Not all shipping containers are fully closed. And even if they were, what’s stopping you from tearing off the roof? Add some windows for natural lighting and a nice pullover canvas for a roof, some raised beds, and a water spout and you’ve got yourself the garden of your dreams.


4) Pool

That’s right. We said it. The options are endless with your shipping container pool. Want the inside to be painted a bright red, orange, or pink? No problem! Do you want portholes cut into the side so your friends can look inside as they pass by? Sounds like a plan.


3) Seasonal Storage

It happens time and time again. Every year, retailers need to increase their stock for prime shopping days: Christmas, Halloween, etc. But what happens when you run out of space? That’s not a problem if you’ve got a Saf-T-Box at the ready. Rent one out for those high volume months so you can keep your shelves full without the clutter in the storage room.


2) Portable Office

A common problem for businesses that move around from location to location: do I build an entire office on site only to have to move it 3 or 6 months later? Well don’t worry any longer. Rent out a storage container that’s been modified into an office, and we’ll deliver it on site for however long you need it.


1) House

The ‘tiny house’ movement has been growing in recent years, but you don’t want a house that blends in with all the others, do you? Your shipping container living space could be as lavish or as simple as you want it. Why not stack two on top of each other? Why not double your horizontal space with an extra container on the side? The possibilities are endless.

Don’t let your new idea go flat. Whether you need office or storage space, a new pool, or are switching over to a ‘simpler’ way of living, Saf-T-Box has a solution for you. Click the button below to view our options, or tell us your idea and we’ll tell you how we can make it happen.


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