What Can You Store In A Shipping Container?

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Load it up. Move it out. Free up space.

So you’re thinking about buying or renting a shipping container for your additional storage needs. Whether for retail, manufacturing, construction or personal purposes, traditional storage methods can be problematic in terms of accessibility, durability and cost. Store extra goods and raw materials in shipping containers and squeeze everything in.

It can be difficult to visualize what a particular volume looks like in reality, so we at Saf-T-Box have created a few graphics to help you understand just how much stuff each of our three shipping container variants can hold.


10-Foot Container

  • Dimensions: (Exterior) 8’ Wide x 8’6” High x 10’ Long

            (Interior) 7’8” Wide x 7’9” High x 9’5” Long

  • Loading capacity: 582 cubic feet



20-Foot Container

  • Dimensions: (Exterior) 8’ Wide x 8’6” High x 20’ Long

            (Interior) 7’8” Wide x 7’9” High x 19’5” Long

  • Loading capacity: 1,164 cubic feet



40-Foot Container

  • Dimensions: (Exterior) 8’ Wide x 7’9” High x 40’ Long

    (Interior) 7’8” Wide x 7’9” High x 39’4” Long

  • Loading capacity: 2,376 cubic feet


No matter the contents, shipping containers can hold and transport your goods easily and efficiently. Let Saf-T-Box get you started with advice from our skilled staff and a framework for all of your customizable options. Let’s get building.









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