Why Modular Buildings are the Future of Construction

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The average custom home takes nearly a year to build from the ground up – starting from conceptual design to when the homeowner finally moves in. Even tract homes take at least 4 months to build – and that’s with plans that are easily duplicable. If you’re a prospective homeowner or a builder looking to do things different, then we’d like to introduce you to an alternative known as modular construction.

What’s Modular Construction?

Modular construction goes against the typical concept of a build site. In fact, it does away with it almost altogether. In modular construction, a building or home is assembled offsite under controlled conditions. This work is typically done in a plant or warehouse. One or more architectural designs are created and then repeated using the exact same materials and standards. In this highly controlled environment, with highly repeatable design and construction methods, a modular home can be built and delivered onsite in as little as 2 months. Pretty amazing, but how is this possible?

Predictable Outcome
New homes and new designs are sought after because of their customization. However, purchasers pay a premium for this control. In addition, there are new, unforeseen challenges that come up during the build of a custom home.

Modular construction takes the guesswork out of the homebuilding process. Once the first home is complete, builders have an almost foolproof process that’s highly repeatable, and that delivers the same standard of quality every single time. What you see is what you get!

Lower Construction Costs
The total construction cost of a new home is typically 60% of the selling price. When construction costs are high the sales price will naturally be higher. Conversely though, when construction costs go down, the selling price also follows suit.

Modular construction has been shown to reduce construction costs significantly. In fact, a building that has been constructed using this method offers as much as 50% savings to the buyer as opposed to traditional means.

Heightened Efficiency container rentals in san antonio
Modular construction takes place in highly controlled environments. Protection from the elements means that crews can work 365 days a year and round the clock on alternating shifts. Additionally, because the methods never change, a great deal of time is saved – and we all know time is money.

Freedom of Mobility
Modular homes are built with mobility in mind. Granted, not every modular building is intended to be moved after it’s been placed onsite. However, it’s the freedom to be transported anywhere that makes it a powerful alternative. Modular homes can cost effectively be built and then transported around the city or across the country.

Increased Onsite Safety
A big cost factor in construction comes down to safety. When there are accidents onsite, the build is put on hold until issues are resolved. From weather, equipment malfunctions, and human error a job-site can be a dangerous place.

Modular construction reduces these safety risks significantly by taking the build inside a highly controlled environment.

All of this, in a Saf-T-Box.

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